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« on: July 30, 2015, 03:39:26 PM »
Or "This is the last time I 'splain anything about clock jitter". Or "I really am through with dealing with all the crap."

OK, this is the only comment I will make on this subject. Putting it here, in black and white, so all the "experts" can see it. Along with everyone else.

I've had my fill. No more. I am tired of all the kvetching I get about clock jitter. It is bad enough I have to read all the crap written "behind my back", over at some other place, by a bunch of "experts". None of whom know squat about clock jitter.

But I am not going to take any more of it, at some damn stupid forum, that I was conned into starting. (That's right: the whole thing was the idea of someone else. Who told me about all the grandiose plans he had for it. Then blamed me when the place didn't take off. So, after blaming me, he then claimed he never made such promises, twisting the fact he only made vague claims to support his assertion that he never made such claims. Then scurried back, like a whipped dog, to that other place. But, enough history. Back to what I was talking about.)

So here is the bottom line:

I'm tired of it. And I am not going to put up with any more of it. I don't get paid squat, to educate the masses. I get called various names for not revealing my "secrets". The only secret is how much time and money went into learning those "secrets". And using them, as my sole source of income, to aid manufacturers, in several realms of audio, to improve their products.

So far, the net result is still in the deficit region. Hopefully, one day, enough companies will come to their senses, and at least get me to a break-even point. The irony is damn near everyone who reads what I write has a steady job, and therefore, source of income. But, I am expected to sacrifice my only source of income. Do I really look that stupid? I must look pretty damn stupid.

Which still would not satisfy the "experts". They would still kvetch about what I do. Not because I am getting rich. No, because if their clients realized how little they know, it would affect their ability to make a buck.


So, there is the root of a lot of it: insecurity. And maybe some laziness. In any case, I'm through. You are all going to have to "suffer", and put up with the same experts telling you all that you need to know about jitter. I've said all I am going to say.

The sad part is that damn near everyone of these "experts" are very talented designers in at least one (and maybe more) area(s) of audio design. But, when it comes to clock jitter, they are all clueless. Why they chose to continue to live in the dark..........well, I have stated my suspicions above. Imagine how their clients would react if they let it leak out that some damn fool, down in the depths of the hell hole that is Texas, is really the only person around that understands this crap.

No, that is not going to happen, is it? No, didn't think so.

Next time one of them kvetches about my methods, or that no can replicate my measurements (hey, not my fault you did not buy the same gear, when it was affordable, is it?), why not ask them what their ulterior motives might be. Not that any will give you a straight answer.

So, for the final so anyone can refer back to it, this is inside dope on clocks.

Clock manufacturers spec the jitter at jitter frequencies >1 kHz. There are lots of reasons. One, it is easier to measure. Two, it looks good in the spec sheet. And three, it is the easiest to control. Above 1 kHz, the crystal doesn't play as big a role as it does down below 1 Hz. Here, the passive parts and the PSU play a really big role. Which is why they all have special PSUs they use to spec the jitter.

But, when it comes to audio, the stinking noise floor does not matter squat.

However, this fits in quite well with the mentality of the typical audio designer/manufacturer. They will stick their product, on their stinking AP unit, and read the jitter. Yes, a crappy clock, with a crappy noise floor, will show up. Big stinking deal. And all the conversion artifacts will show up. Which are important, but are not caused by the clock.

What is important will not show up, because the AP is not designed to measure it. So, if you can not measure it, you can lie to yourself that it isn't there. Or important. Or both. Or whatever.

"Laugh if you want to, or say you don't care. If you can not see it you think it's not there. It doesn't work that way."

(Wonder who wrote that? Probably some Booji Boy.)

I suppose you can set your AP to measure the 11 kHz (or whatever) tone you are trying to get the jitter result for. And set the BW for less than 1 Hz (if it will do it) and wait a long time. And hope it is accurate. But, since noise is a highly variable signal, it takes a lot of averaging to get a good answer. Good luck on any of that happening.

So, why bother, right?

Because some manufacturers build a run of their products, and can't understand why some units sound good and others sound like pooh. They used the right clock, and they all measure alike. But they don't all sound the same.

How can that be? All the experts will tell you that can't be. (Of course, some will tell you that they can't sound different or that you can't hear the difference, or whatever they believe. Who really cares what they believe?)

Some of those companies will contact me, stating that they can not explain the differences, and could it be there really is something to this really low frequency jitter? In those cases, I supply some selected clocks, along with a few that measure the way most of them do. They assemble some new units, and guess what..................yes, the ones with the selected clocks sound just like the good ones, and the other ones sound just like the ones that suck.

How can that be? Nothing that low in jitter frequency matters. So the experts have told us, over and over and over and over.

So, you 'splain to me how that can't be, because I am tired of 'splaining why it is.

There. End of the story. No more. Finito. last snide remark.............

All of you had your fun, mocking me. I'll remember that, if you ever get your head out of your butts. Don't ask for selected clocks, because I will not supply them. No matter how broke I might be or how much you beg. You had your chances, and you took cheap shots. Karma is a bitch, isn't it?

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Re: "42"
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2015, 10:28:24 AM »
Well said!

P.S. For 10Hz and bellow word "jitter" should be substituted with "clock wander" ?
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Re: "42"
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2015, 07:19:22 PM »
Sounds pretty straight forward and understandable to me.
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