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This is Jocko Homo dot Net. If you want "dot com", then go to "dot com". I have no idea what that guy's site is about, but if you have any inkling that you will see more of the same here, then you are a putz.

Actually, that might not be the best word to use. That may bring more of you dorks here, via Google searches. Come to think of it, most any derogatory name I can think of will have the wrong double entendre, to "you people".

"You people" need to get a life, and stop coming here looking for whatever it is that you think you are going to find here. This site is about mocking people who are into "DIY audio", not............well, I am not going to say what "you people" think it is about.

No, I am not judging you, although I think you are bigger losers than the folks I am mocking. I can mock them, as I kinda sorta am one of them. I am not one of "you people", so I won't mock you. Just tell you to get lost, and get it through your head (another word I probably should not use) that "monkey man audio" has nothing to do with..............well, that other connotation of jocko homo

As for the rest of you.....................

You do realize this is all a big joke, don't you? If not, you are just giving me one more reason to continue making fun of you. And since you all seem to be such glutons for punishment............................

Your "buddy",

With friends like me, who needs enemies!

OK, time to go watch me some "Squidbillies".

"My oldest son was born in Alabama.
My youngest is, uh, covered in hair.
The middle one says he's a homosexual.
The other seven's gone, I don't know where,
'N I don't care.
I just don't care..................."

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