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Membership names
« on: May 25, 2010, 09:02:18 PM »
Please use the same name, that you use on the other forums. If you are sick of the one(s) you have used, just let us know, when you register.


You are from industry:

You can not use your company name, product name, or acronyms of such. We already know who you are, so just use a version of your name. Or make up a silly moniker, that amuses you.

I am tired of hearing about how we ever did was promote our buddies in industry. Sticking up for our buddies, when the peanut gallery, is lobbing stones at them, is not the same as "promoting" them. So, to prevent that crap, we do not want any mention of specific commercial interests.

"Major Danby, sir."
"Danby. D-A-N-B-Y."
"Take him out and shoot him."
"I said take him out and shoot him. Can't you hear?"