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General membership conduct guidelines
« on: May 25, 2010, 08:50:58 PM »
This will be divided into 2 parts: one for industry folk, one for the hobbyists.

Industry folk: You are welcome here, and are encouraged to participate. However, you may not promote your company, its products, or your services.

No one expects you to divulge proprietary information. In that vein, we are not interested in the details of stuff that you have designed. Any technical details you may wish to provide should not directly mention any product. Please keep any contribution to generic and/or non-specific design topics.

Just as we will not allow the "peanut gallery" to lob stones at you, you are expected to answer legitimate questions in an honest manner. If you care not to discuss a topic, then all you have to do is to decline. You will not be allowed to "Bybee" someone, by flinging techno-pooh, just to throw the hobbyists off-course. (This implies that Phred will not be a member here, as he routinely generates disinformation, on purpose.) People who "phred" the members won't be tolerated, either. Just say "That isn't anything I care to discuss/divulge/whatever." And leave it at that.

To summarize, no flogging your wares. No BS-ing the hobbyists.

Hobbyists (DIYers): You are first and foremost expected to respect industry members. No one made them join. They join of their own volition. They are not here to be sniped at, ridiculed, or told "You should have done such-and-such, blah blah, blah", or anything of that ilk. If you have a jealous streak, or want to bring them down to your level, you are going to get booted. Period.

We are not going to tolerate reverse-engineering. There are other forums for that.

Cross-posting, on all the other forums, will get you booted. You should only come here to get stuff that you won't get or find on other forums.

I am going to assume that everyone here belongs, or has belonged, to one or more "DIY" forums. Our attempts to make something different, have not worked as well as we have all liked. So, as a last resort, we are making a last resort. There will be no attempt to grow the membership. If folks join, they join. If not, less work for me.

(Let's face it: I always get to do all the work, so there is a strong incentive to limit my work load. No members will mean no work, and I may very well be comfortable with that.)

I will probably think of more guidelines, but until someone actually joins, this will do. We will cross any problems, as they arise.

And since I am a "benevolent dictator", my word is final. Period!

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