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Splitter PCB


Gen. Dreedle:
Since we have nothing in this area (gotta correct that!), and I did mention this over at Greaser's Palace, what best to be the first post?

I made a bunch of these, as it didn't cost much more to make several, as it did just one. I have used 3, so far. The first one is set up to measure xtal Q. It loads both ends of the crystal with 1R, so it has a lot of loss. The second I have been using to measure capacitors. I calibrate the VNA, using 1R or 10R, as a reference. (Makes coming up with a number for ESR easier.) The third is set up to be a regular old power splitter. Works fine, but it does need to be normalized, above 10 MHz.

Cost...............I dunno...........a few $. If you need one, let me know. As mentioned, you need 3 PCB-mount BNCs. The cheap kind, that you can get from Mouser or Digi-key. I'll  put the right resistor values on the PCB.


Gen. Dreedle:
I know a few of you are waiting on these. Short, one resistor. Plan on ordering some today.



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