Author Topic: This is NOT a joke..........  (Read 1847 times)

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This is NOT a joke..........
« on: November 17, 2011, 02:11:58 PM »
Even though it sure seems like one. Except no one I know is laughing.

OK...............someone called me, with their knickers in a knot, because they claim a BNC connector, that used to cost around $5, now costs over 10x that amount.

At first, you may think "Oh, that is the 25 piece price, for a bag of 25." No, it is the price, per, and you do have to buy 25. Which means a bag of 25 costs over $1700!

For a BNC connector!

That is really only worth $5.

(There are other brands, but they all require a crimping tool. This company was famous for "wrench crimp" parts.)

So, still not believing my buddy, I called someone I know, who used to work at the company that makes these parts. (They left, when it was taken over, but the jerks that run it now. They went to work at a stocking distributor, when they lost their job.)

Well, turns out the price is right! And you really do have to buy 25! My (other) buddy informs me that if anyone were to buy direct, they now have a $1000 minimum. (Used to be much less.........I think $100. Or, $400, for a special part.) The distributors have a much higher minimum, as well.

So, my question.............even though I know the answer............

If you buy a company, you usually buy it to make money. Not raise prices, 1000%, have 16-18 week lead-times, turn out crap quality, and do just about everything you can, to piss off the customers. And the distributors. (Actually, I think they want only one distributor.)

But, that is exactly what they are doing, and seem content in doing so. I guess I should advise everyone not to buy Trompeter, but they may actually want that. Or, so it seems.
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