Author Topic: Don't ask me how I found this one, but..................  (Read 1346 times)

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Don't ask me how I found this one, but..................
« on: August 03, 2015, 08:41:12 AM »
Sounds like he doesn't like hippies, either:

Anyway, the gist is...................

John K. feels the 50s & 60s were the Golden Age for kids to grow up in. And then those kids became hippies, and crapped on everything.

A few excerpts (for those too lazy to read the whole thing):

So what did the kids who grew up in this blissful atmosphere do when they grew up? How did they repay their good fortune?

They became hippies and ruined everything for the following generations of kids.
The hippies took the prizes out of cereal, hired amateurs to design bland mushy toys, put morals in cartoons-made them realistic, bland and ugly, painted eyes flesh color, got rid of kids' music.


They came up with the theory of creative democracy, that everyone is equally talented, thus shoving actually talented people to the back of the bus. Skill and professionalism died as amateurs and charlatans invaded fields that just a few short years earlier were peopled by gifted talents and experts in fun.

No, I didn't write that. It just sounds that way.

Yes, only dipshit hippies would put "ecology badges" in a box of cereal.

And you wonder why people believe this "global warming/climate change" bullshit. They were brainwashed since they were kids. (I have an anecodote about this, but I won't embarrass my niece by relating it here. Maybe next week, since she will officially be an adult, by then. Brainwashed to believe the earth was crying, because she saw a piece of litter, on the ground, at the park.)

For those of you too young to remember, the same dipshits were proclaiming the coming ice age, at the first "Earth Day". Don't tell me otherwise, since I was there. At one of their factories of indoctrination, hoping to learn more than "if there are poles in the right-half plane, the system will become unstable." Mind you, they never got to the point of being able to figure out if there actually were poles in the right-half plane. No, that was too difficult. Much easier to spend classroom time telling us why we all needed to join the IEEE.

I hate hippies. But, you should already know that.
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Re: Don't ask me how I found this one, but..................
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2015, 02:37:23 PM »
I hate hippies. But, you should already know that.

I don't like them, too.
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